Woman Steals Package in Danville- Flees in Range Rover

When homeowners in unincorporated Danville checked security footage to gather clues about how a package went missing from their doorstep, they were shocked at what they saw.

Photo captured from a neighbor's home
Photo captured from a neighbor’s home

The incident occurred last Wednesday in Alamo Creek, a community in east unincorporated Danville. When the homeowner, Michelle, first noticed that her package was never delivered, seven days after it was supposed to be, thievery was far from her mind: “I assumed it was delivered to the wrong address. Before calling the company, I decided to double-check the security cameras to see if a package was delivered.” But when Michelle looked at her home security system, she found that her package was in the hands of someone else.

Michelle says video (below) from a security camera positioned at the front of the house revealed a U.S.P.S. mailman had delivered her package at 1:30 p.m., without ringing the doorbell. At approximately 3:20 p.m., the video clearly shows a black Range Rover with black paper plates slowly come to a stop in front of the Alamo Creek home. Then, a woman with blonde hair, wearing sunglasses, a black jacket and blue or gray pants enters the view of the camera. The unidentified woman walks directly to the porch and returns with Michelle’s package. The woman quickly scurries back to the Range Rover, dodging rose bushes and hopping over plants as she flees with the package in her hand. The entire heist took less than thirty seconds.

Photos obtained from a neighbor’s security system show that the Range Rover may have been driven by an accomplice wearing a white shirt, not the suspect woman. Michelle agrees with the footage, “this thief isn’t acting alone.” Based on all the videos that we’ve seen in the Danville/ San Ramon area this year, we’d have to agree- most package thieves ride shotgun.

Michelle has opened a report with the Contra County Sheriff’s Office, who is investigating the theft. She’s disappointed the thieves took something that didn’t belong to them, “It’s apparent that she took something that did not belong to her for her own profit or benefit.”

So, if you see a L322 Range Rover with a black paper license plate- it might be the suspects… or a Danville mom on her way to get Starbucks before she picks the kids up from school… or both.

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