Video: Thieves seen on security video stealing from multiple parked vehicles in Danville, Alamo

DANVILLE / ALAMO – Homeowners are on alert after multiple suspects were seen on surveillance video burglarizing vehicles parked in residential driveways.

Danville Police are circulating a video they say was taken from a residence near Hartford Road on December 5th. The video shows a suspect wearing what appears to be a fur hat with ear caps using a handheld flashlight (or phone) to rummage through an SUV parked in the driveway.

A homeowner in Alamo also provided authorities a surveillance video of a separate incident that shows an individual wearing a hat rummaging through a vehicle in the driveway of a residence near Green Valley Road. The individual exits the car before looking into two other vehicles parked in the driveway. The resident says it appears nothing was taken from any of the vehicles, but neighbors reported having items taken from their vehicles during the same timeframe during the early morning of December 11th.

Police in Danville are investigating 14 auto burglaries reported in town limits last week, a significant increase compared to the 1.7 auto burglaries the town averages per week. The majority of them (10) were reported on the night of Monday, December 11th in business parking lots. San Ramon received 7 auto burglary reports during the same week.

In a Nextdoor post to the community, the Town of Danville reminded residents not to leave valuables in their vehicles. “Danville has seen an increase in vehicle burglaries in restaurant parking lots and off-street parking areas in shopping malls and the downtown. Specifically, the Danville Livery shopping center has been a target during the hours of 6:00 PM and 9:30 PM,” the post read. You can read the complete post along with their tips that may prevent you from becoming a victim of vehicle burglary here.


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