Thieves Target San Ramon Pumpkin Patch Hours Before Halloween

SAN RAMON – Police are investigating a case of halloween thievery after cash registers were stolen from San Ramon’s Moore’s Pumpkin Patch on San Ramon Valley Boulevard.

Two cash registers were stolen from Moore’s Pumpkin Patch in San Ramon sometime after 8 pm Saturday night. It’s believed the suspect jumped the fence to the location before stealing the two registers, which were unsecured.

However, according to an employee, it won’t take long for the thieves to count their loot. Only one of the cash registers had money inside – less than $10 in change.

Officers were also called to a location near the pumpkin patch early Sunday morning after a man holding a flashlight was seen running from a vehicle as an alarm was sounding.

The suspect with the flashlight was not located, but police received a number of calls from citizens Sunday morning reporting their vehicles had been broken into. It’s unknown if the incidents are related.

Moore’s Pumpkin Patch has been open in San Ramon and Castro Valley for over 30 years, according to their website.

Despite the loss, Moore’s Pumpkin Patch will remain open for halloween before opening Moore’s Christmas Tree Farm at the Alameda County Fairgrounds for the holidays.

San Ramon Police have not yet commented on the case.

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