Gunman Opens Fire on Danville Family Preparing Thanksgiving Dinner

At approximately 3:00 p.m. Thanksgiving Day, officers from the Contra Costa County office of the Sheriff responded to a report of a man with a gun inside the Monterosso community. The first caller reported that the suspect had entered the victim residence, informed a female inside that “it was not safe” to be there, and grabbed her husband by the neck, pointing a gun at him. The wife described the situation to dispatchers as the man threatened her husband with a gun inside the couple’s residence on Marsanne Court. The suspect then fled the residence, reportedly got into a vehicle, parked at his residence across the street, and drove away. A few minutes later, dispatchers received a frantic call from a resident on Menton Court, who claimed a man brandishing a firearm had entered the residence while the family was preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Somehow, the occupants of the residents were able to violently subdue the gunman as he fired off two shots. Arriving officers initially believed the suspect sustained a gunshot wound to the head, but paramedics confirmed the wound was a result of trauma sustained in the scuffle. The suspect was placed in custody on multiple charges, and officers later learned the suspect pistol-whipped his spouse before the incident.

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