Students in San Ramon Stage Walkouts Protesting the Presidential Election

SAN RAMON – A few hundred students from Dougherty Valley High School and California High School in San Ramon participated in walkouts to protest the results of the 2016 presidential election.

The protests at both schools began after students’ lunch hour, around 1:00 pm Thursday afternoon.

Approximately 150 students from California High School conducted a pre-planned 1.5 mile march to San Ramon City Hall, where they sat on the steps of the building and held various anti-Trump signs saying “stop hate” and “not my president.”

A few students could also be seen displaying messages in support of the LGBTQ community with rainbow colored flags, signs and clothing.

In an interview by The Californian, the California High School newspaper, a student in a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt explained that students were protesting “all the sentiments that Donald Trump has put forward in his campaign that have made people (feel threatened to be who they were).”

Students across the city at the Dougherty Valley High School also engaged in on-campus demonstrations at around 1:20 pm Tuesday.

In videos provided to Danville San Ramon Updates, students could be heard chanting “not our president” and “Donald Trump has got to go” on an elevated platform on the campus.

A witness says that another group of protestors protesting against the anti-Trump protestors also formed in the same area. The two groups engaged in “yelling” between each other.

At around 2:00 pm, students at Dougherty Valley returned to class after being asked to by school administrators, according to a witness.

Police spent time monitoring both protesting groups until they dispersed.

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