15-Year-Old Football Player Airlifted From California High School

SAN RAMON – A 15-year-old boy was airlifted after sustaining a neck injury during a football game at San Ramon’s California High School.

Firefighters responded to a report that a boy had sustained injuries on the California High School football field at around 6:30 Thursday evening.

Dispatchers were told that the boy was conscious and breathing, but had injuries to his neck. When firefighters arrived, the immediately requested that a helicopter be dispatched to airlift the boy to a hospital.

Nearly 25 minutes later, a helicopter from R.E.A.C.H. Air Medical Services landed on the high school’s baseball field.

At approximately 7:07 pm, the helicopter was airborne from the field with the boy inside.

According to the school’s website, the freshman boys were scheduled to play a football game at 5:30 pm against Foothill high school. A reader on Facebook said the injured boy belongs to the Foothill football team.

The extent of the boy’s traumatic injuries are unknown.


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