Elementary school student in hot water for showing off loaded gun at school

SAN RAMON – Police and school officials are investigating how an 8-year-old elementary school student was able to carry a loaded firearm onto campus Tuesday.

A San Ramon Valley Unified School District spokesperson said a third grade student brought a firearm onto the Twin Creeks Elementary School campus Tuesday, October 24th. That student removed it from his backpack and showed it to a classmate, who notified a parent.

The school district reported the incident to police on Wednesday after the parent contacted school officials.

San Ramon Police say officers contacted the third grader and his parents at their residence in San Ramon. They located the firearm in the student’s backpack and determined it was loaded with a magazine containing 9mm ammunition.

The student never threatened any other student or staff with the firearm, according to police. Investigators say no other firearms were located in the residence.

The school district says the student will face disciplinary action. “Please know that the safety of our students, staff and families is our top priority,” a district spokesperson said.

Police are asking parents to speak with their children about firearm safety and reporting suspicious activity. “Firearms safety applies to everybody.  Failing to properly store a firearm that is accessible to a child is a criminal offense,” police said.

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