Weekly Drama: April 2016 – Week Four

Monday, April 25th

[Pacheco] 4 AM – Danville & San Ramon Police officers, along with other surrounding agencies converged on the California Grad Casino after a gunman reportedly walked into the Casino in a robbery attempt. Officers surrounded the building and amidst uncertainty whether or not the gunman was still inside, the Danville Police K9 unit and Sergeant were among the officers that swept the building. The gunman has still not been located.

[Danville] 1:30 PM – Officers responded to a report that an unruly individual walked into Essential Aesthetics and demanded oranges from an employee before fleeing on a scooter.

[Danville] 2 PM – Officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of a female subject pushing a shopping cart and talking to herself on the Iron Horse Trail.

[Danville] 2:30 PM – Police responded to a residence on Bordeaux Court after parents witnessed their nanny shake and strike their baby on “nanny cam.” The nanny, a 23 year-old from Antioch was arrested for child abuse. Read more about the story here.

Tuesday, April 26th

[San Ramon] 1:30 PM – Firefighters helped to free baby ducklings trapped in a storm drain near Dougherty Rd.

Photo- @SanRamonPolice
Photo- @SanRamonPolice

[San Ramon] 6 PM – Police responded to a report that a vehicle had crashed into a tree near the Dougherty Library. Amazingly, there were no injuries, but the driver did loose his engine (see photo). 

[San Ramon] 11 PM – Officers responded to a report of an armed carjacking in a Safeway parking lot. A suspect has since been arrested – read more here.

Thursday, April 28th

[San Ramon] 11 AM – Officers monitored a bus load of protestors in front of the Chevron headquarters before they paraded down Camino Ramon and into Bishop Ranch.

[San Ramon] 11:50 PM – Firefighters and CHP officers rushed to the aid of a driver that had crashed into a piece of construction equipment on SB 680. The driver, a Round Hill Country Club employee, later died of his injuries.

Friday, April 29th 

[San Ramon] 4 AM – Police were dispatched to a report of a man in a suit with a possibly bloody arm stumbling on Crow Canyon Rd. It’s unknown if he was located.

[Danville] 7:30 PM – Officers responded to a report of subjects in a vehicle using a slingshot to fire objects at other vehicles on Camino Tassajara.

[San Ramon] 8:30 PM – Police were called to a residence when a group of 30 juveniles showed up at a stranger’s house after someone tweeted there was a party at the location.

[Tassajara] 11:30 – Firefighters battled a barn fire on Bruce Dr. There were no reported injuries to the livestock.

Saturday, April 30th

[San Ramon] 2 AM – Officers investigating suspicious noises coming from outside a home found a raccoon attempting to break into the residence. The critter is still outstanding.

[San Ramon] 3 AM – A patrolling officer recovered a stolen vehicle in a parking lot. Three suspects were taken into custody for possession of a stolen vehicle nearby.

[San Ramon] 4 AM – A suspected DUI driver ran from firefighters attempting to render aid after a single vehicle accident on the freeway. Despite a search of the area, the suspect was not located.

[Danville] 4:30 AM – A police officer recovered a stolen vehicle in a Diablo Rd parking lot. The vehicle was returned to it’s (non-local) owner.

[Danville] 4 PM – Officers responded to a report of a vehicle doing “donuts” in the parking lot of Monte Vista School. Later, 4 vehicles were reportedly doing “donuts.” The real reason officers showed up is because they heard there was a “donut party.”

Sunday, May 1st

[Danville] 12:30 AM – Police responded to a report of an unconscious and heavily intoxicated male subject laying in the roadway near the Del Amigo Pool. He was treated by paramedics.

[Danville] 1:30 AM – Officers were dispatched to a tense situation on Montair Dr where a group of 30 male subjects were preparing to fight in the middle of the street. They were seen flashing tasers and pushing one another following a party nearby. One subject even drove a motorcycle through the distraught crowd. Arriving officers got the situation under control.

[Danville] 3 AM – A few hours later, officers responded to another report of an intoxicated subject laying in the ivy next to San Ramon Valley Blvd.

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