Weekly Drama: May 2017

The Weekly Drama is a summary of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week (or month), but never made news headlines.

Sunday, April 30th

[Danville] 1:00 PM – Paramedics responded to a report of a bicycle vs. pedestrian accident on the Iron Horse Trail.

Tuesday, May 2nd

[Alamo/Danville] 10:00 PM – Police investigated shoplifting incidents at multiple CVS locations in the area.

Thursday, May 4th

[San Ramon] 7:00 PM – Paramedics responded to aid a driver involved in a solo vehicle accident into a pole in the Bishop Ranch parking lot.

Friday, May 5th

[Alamo] 2:00 AM – Deputies located a suspect vehicle on Stone Valley Road that was involved in a pursuit with Benicia PD earlier in the morning. Suspect was not located.

[San Ramon] 8:00 PM – Police and paramedics responded to aid an intoxicated subject who was found passed out on a toilet inside a business, then woke up. He stumbled into a nearby liquor store then on to San Ramon Valley Boulevard before police located him.

[Danville] 11:00 PM – Paramedics responded to aid an intoxicated subject who fell and hit his head on the dance floor at Meenar.

Saturday, May 6th

[San Ramon] 11:00 PM – Officers were dispatched to a report of a suspicious circumstance – a “drone” reportedly crashed through a window of a home.

[San Ramon] 11:00 PM – Paramedics were called to aid a child that reportedly snorted a “bead” that had become stuck in a nostril. The child was okay.

[San Ramon] 11:30 PM – Police received a report of a noise complaint at a residence – a child wouldn’t stop playing the piano.

Tuesday, May 9th

[San Ramon] 5:00 PM – Paramedics responded to a report of a rollover vehicle accident on Crow Canyon Road.

Thursday, May 11th

[San Ramon] 2:30 PM – Officers pursued shoplifting suspects that reportedly stole cosmetics from Safeway. The suspect was taken into custody after a short pursuit.

[Tassajara/Danville] 10:00 PM – Deputies were dispatched to a report of an accidental discharge of a firearm at a residence. One person was taken to the hospital.

Friday, May 12th

[Danville] 12:00 PM – Firefighters responded to a HAZMAT investigation at Monte Vista School. No victims required hospitalization.

[San Ramon] 6:30 PM – Paramedics responded to a report of a rollover vehicle accident on Deerwood Drive. Occupants sustained minor injuries.

[San Ramon] 11:00 PM – Officers were dispatched to multiple reports of a physical altercation at In-N-Out involving a large group of juveniles at the restaurant.

Saturday, May 13th

[San Ramon] 5:30 PM – Paramedics were called to aid a San Ramon Police Services Technician that was rear-ended by a DUI driver. CHP placed the driver into custody, the SRPD Technician was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

[San Ramon] 11:30 PM – Police were notified of a noise complaint at a residence: a 911 caller said their neighbor’s fountain was “too loud.”

Sunday, May 14th

[Alamo] 1:00 AM – Paramedics responded to report of solo rollover accident on Green Valley Rd. First responders found the vehicle engulfed in flames. One victim sustained major injuries and the driver was placed in custody for DUI by CHP.

Monday, May 15th

[San Ramon] 3:30 PM – Paramedics responded to a report that a vehicle struck a bicyclist on Montevideo near Iron Horse Trail. The bicyclist was transported to the hospital.

[Danville] 4:00 PM – Police arrested two subjects on theft, drug, probation charges & a warrant after they were located inside a stolen vehicle.

Tuesday, May 16th

[Mt Diablo] 12:30 PM – A patient was transported to a hospital via helicopter after falling off a horse near Macedo Ranch.

Wednesday, May 17th

[Danville] 6:00 PM – Paramedics responded to aid a subject who was punched in the face outside the Black Bear Diner. The subject who punched him was located by police.

[Danville] 11:00 PM – CHP officers pursued a vehicle from Vacaville to Walnut Creek, to Danville, then back to Walnut Creek at more than 100 MPH. The suspects were arrested.

Thursday, May 18th

[Danville] 1:00 AM – Firefighters responded to a HAZMAT incident at Safeway involving a refrigerant leak.

Friday, May 19th

[Mt Diablo] 2:00 PM – A victim was transported to a hospital via helicopter after a motorcycle accident on Summit Road.

Saturday, May 20th

[Danville] 1:00 AM – A vehicle failed to yield to an officer, prompting a short pursuit. It was last seen near I-680.

[Danville] 4:00 PM – Officers placed the occupants of a stolen vehicle from San Jose into custody.

Tuesday, May 23rd

[Danville] 3:30 PM – Firefighters were called to the intersection of Via Hermosa and Diablo Road where a power pole fell and ignited a small fire.

Wednesday, May 24th

[Danville] 8:00 AM – Two people were transported to a local hospital after a multi-vehicle accident on Camino Tassajara.

Thursday, May 25th

[San Ramon] 7:00 PM – Officers placed three suspects in custody after they allegedly shoplifted cosmetic/ oral hygiene products from the CVS on Alcosta Blvd.

[Danville] 8:00 PM – Police were called to Sweet Street after a juvenile reportedly shoplifted “spinners” from the store and fled. Multiple involved juveniles were located by officers.

Friday, May 26th

[Alamo] 2:30 PM – Paramedics were called to aid a 15-year-old bicyclist that fell and possibly sustained a back injury in Las Trampas. A Sheriff’s Office helicopter and air ambulance assisted with the rescue.

[Alamo] 10:00 PM – East Bay Regional Parks Police were called to assist a group of juveniles who became lost while hiking in Las Trampas. A Sheriff’s Deputy eventually helped reunite the juveniles with their parents.

[Danville] 11:00 PM – Police received a call from an aspiring bar patron who was upset that a bouncer wouldn’t let her group of friends into Meenar. Officers did not respond, since businesses have discretion whether or not to serve customers. After we tweeted about the incident, the “aspiring bar patron” contacted us – arguing her friend’s 21+ ID is real, despite the bouncer saying otherwise.

Saturday, May 27th

[Danville] 1:00 AM – Paramedics and police were called to aid a patron who was bleeding from the head following a physical altercation at Meenar. The patron sustained a significant head injury. The fight prompted the bar to close early, and many “angry” patrons were reportedly loitering around the area. Police confirmed the suspect was not located.

Sunday, May 28th

[Alamo] 1:30 AM – Deputies were dispatched to a report that a suspect stole a tip jar from Peet’s Coffee, then fled in a vehicle.

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