Weekly Drama: October 2016 – Week Two

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week, but never made news headlines.

Sunday, October 16th

[Blackhawk] 3:00 AM – Three juveniles were taken into custody at gunpoint in the Blackhawk Plaza after they were spotted running from the scene of an accident. CHP officers were originally dispatched to a report of a vehicle accident on Blackhawk Road. Danville Police officers located the accident with a heavily damaged BMW and airbags deployed, but no people nearby. After a brief area search, officers located juveniles who were identified as the occupants of the crashed vehicle and turned them over to CHP. It’s unknown if they were placed in custody.

[San Ramon] 5:00 AM – Officers contacted a female subject who was seen urinating and showering near the Dougherty Valley Library. It also appeared she was living out of her vehicle.

[Blackhawk] 1:00 PM – Deputies responded to a report of an unfamiliar, agitated subject on the porch of a residence, declaring his love for the homeowner’s wife. Despite requesting that arriving deputies use a taser on him, he was taken into custody without force. He was later discovered to be under the influence and living with his parents at a nearby residence. It is unknown if he was placed in custody.

Monday, October 17th

[San Ramon] 11:30 AM – Officers responded to a report that a driver pepper sprayed another motorist when she approached the vehicle and attempted to open the car door during a road rage incident.

[San Ramon] 11:30 AM – Firefighters ordered staff and students to “shelter in place” at Twin Creeks Elementary School due to a gas line break on an adjacent street. PG&E mitigated the problem within two hours.

[Danville] 5:00 PM – A large branch from an old oak tree near a construction site at San Ramon Valley High School reportedly fell on parked vehicles. No injuries were reported.

Monday, October 18th

[San Ramon] 4:30 AM – Police were dispatched to a report of a fight at Boone Acres park. A victim was punched in the face.

[Danville] 2:00 PM – Officers responded to a report of a subject dressed in a clown costume riding a unicycle on Camino Ramon. The subject was contacted by police.

Tuesday, October 19th

[San Ramon] 2:00 AM – Officers responded to a report that suspects had unsuccessfully attempted to shoplift approximately $1000 worth of baby formula from Safeway. They were not located.

Wednesday, October 20th

[San Ramon] 7:00 PM – Police were dispatched to two serious vehicle accidents – a report that a woman had been struck by a vehicle and a different report that a mini van struck a pole, injuring a driver and children inside.

Friday, October 22nd

[Alamo] 11:00 AM – Deputies responded to a report of a suspicious subject wearing a snorkeling mask while pushing a shopping cart on Danville Boulevard.

Sunday, October 23rd

[Alamo] 4:00 PM – Deputies responded to multiple reports that suspects snatched laptops and other belongings from patrons sitting on the patio of Peet’s Coffee. The suspects were not located.

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