Weekly Drama: September 2016 – Week Four

Kitchen staff grapple at a local diner, a man in a hospital gown is chased by hospital security on the Iron Horse Trail and a vehicle crashes into an elementary school playground. It looks like we've contracted another case of the Weekly Drama!

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week, but never made news headlines.

Sunday, September 18th

[Alamo] 6:00 PM – More than 5,000 PG&E customers were without power. The cause was unknown and power was not fully restored until early the next morning.

Tuesday, September 21th

[Danville] 3:30 PM – Police responded to a report that a cook had physically assaulted another cook at the Black Bear Diner. He fled the scene in a vehicle. Minutes after the incident, he was fired.

Thursday, September 23rd

[Blackhawk] 3:30 PM – Firefighters transported a 50-year-old man after he fell off a golf cart at the Lakeside Golf Course.

Friday, September 24th

[Alamo] 10:30 PM – Deputies responded to a report of a homeless-looking subject flagging down vehicles on Stone Valley Road. He was getting angry and throwing items at cars when they didn’t stop.

[San Ramon] 4:00 PM – Firefighters extinguished a small grass fire near Japonica Way.

Tuesday, September 28th

[San Ramon] 5:00 AM – Police responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in the McDonald’s drive thru waiting for the business to open.

[Danville] 8:30 AM – Officers responded to a report that Iver was verbally harassing patrons inside a local gas station. He was also reportedly holding a hot cup of coffee.

[Danville] 7:00 PM – Police responded to a report of subjects with flashlights inside a vacant residence on Margaret Lane. More than five juveniles were detained at the location.

[Danville] 11:30 PM – Police chased carjacking suspects into Oakland. Story here.

Wednesday, September 29th

[Blackhawk] 12:00 PM – Deputies responded to a report of a “homeless” subject at the Blackhawk Dog Park. It was determined the subject was not actually homeless, he just looked that way.

[San Ramon] 5:30 PM – Police responded to a report that a subject was running on the Iron Horse Trail in a hospital gown while being pursued by hospital security. Officers later discovered the subject was an individual they had recently arrested.

[San Ramon] 7:00 PM – Officers responded to a report of a man “acting strange” before he shoplifted a box of condoms from a liquor store.

Thursday, September 30th

[Alamo] 7:00 AM – Firefighters responded to a report that a vehicle had crashed into the playground at Alamo Elementary School. There were reportedly no injuries to the driver or students.

Friday, October 1st

[Danville] 1:00 AM – Officers responded to Meenar after receiving a report of a fight at the location. A victim who was reportedly bleeding from the head left before officers arrived.

[Tassajara] 10:00 PM – CHP responded to a report of a cow on Camino Tassajara near Finely Road. Passing motorists were telling it to ‘mooove.’

[Danville] 10:30 PM – Police arrested a driver for DUI after they crashed into another vehicle and a pole on Camino Tassajara.

Saturday, October 2nd

[San Ramon] 5:00 PM – Firefighters extinguished a fire caused by a homeless encampment on I-680 near Ascot Drive. *Edit – a reader has reported that the “homeless encampment” is actually items of furniture placed at the location by juveniles.

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