Weekly Drama: October 2016 – Week Three

A vampire with a British accent harasses hotel guests, a neighbor reports a juvenile for ringing his doorbell on Halloween, multiple clowns with bats roam the streets and a golf cart accident at a high school lands a student in the hospital. It's a Halloween edition of the Weekly Drama.

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week, but never made news headlines.

 Monday, October 24th

[Danville] 10:00 PM – Police received a call from a citizen reporting a clown holding a baseball bat near Greenbrook School. He was not located.

Wednesday, October 26th

[Danville] 9:30 PM – Officers took the driver of a stolen vehicle into custody at gunpoint at the Extra Mile on Hartz Ave.

Thursday, October 27th

[Danville] 8:00 AM – Firefighters were dispatched to a report of a vehicle on fire behind Bishop Ranch 3.

[San Ramon] 11:30 PM – Firefighters were called to Dougherty Valley High School after a juvenile driving a golf cart reportedly crashed into a tree on campus. He was transported to the hospital by a parent.

Thursday, October 28th

[San Ramon] 7:30 PM – A resident called police after he encountered a group of juveniles dancing on his porch. He chased them away.

[San Ramon] 8:00 PM – Officers responded to a report of a juvenile dressed in a clown costume standing in front of Safeway holding a baseball bat. They contacted the individual.

[San Ramon] 11:00 PM – Police were called to the Marriott hotel after a man dressed as a vampire was reportedly heard harassing guests in a British accent and breaking items in a hotel room.

Saturday, October 29th

[San Ramon] 5:30 PM – Police were called to investigate an overturned porta potty at Montevideo School. It appeared to be an act of vandalism.

[San Ramon] 11:30 PM – Officers and firefighters were dispatched to a report that an individual found his friend semi-conscious, intoxicated and bleeding on the ground near Vitality Bowls. He was transported to the hospital.

[Valley] 11:59 PM – Police received an unusually high number of complaints: 10 parties in Danville/San Ramon & 6 fireworks reports in San Ramon.

Sunday, October 30th

[San Ramon] 5:30 AM – Police responded to a report that a man carrying a flashlight was seen running away from a vehicle with its alarm sounding. Although the subject was not located, police received numerous reports of vehicle burglaries in the area.

[San Ramon] 6:00 PM – A citizen reported that soapy bubbles coming from fountains on Crow Canyon Road were creating a traffic hazard. A responding officer found no traffic hazard, but a lot of bubbles coming from the fountain.

Monday, October 31th

[San Ramon] 5:30 PM – A disgruntled neighbor called police reporting that a juvenile was persistently ringing his doorbell. The juvenile didn’t want candy but he wanted a ball that he had kicked into the neighbor’s yard.

[San Ramon] 10:30 PM – Police were dispatched to a report of juveniles in clown costumes chasing younger juveniles on Pine Valley Road.

[Alamo] 11:30 PM – Deputies responded to a report of a man wearing his pants halfway down and jacket over his head walking in the middle of traffic on Danville Boulevard. He was not located.

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