VIDEO: Suspected Vehicle Burglars Caught on Camera

UNINCORPORATED DANVILLE – A resident captured suspects on a home surveillance system before they allegedly burglarized his neighbor’s vehicles last month.

Upon hearing about a series of recent car break-ins in his neighborhood, a Wendt Ranch resident discovered that he had nearly become a victim of burglary.

The resident says his neighbors on Madeline Lane awoke to find their car window smashed and a few dollars missing from the vehicle the next day.

He says he immediately looked through his security footage, where he found a video of the possible suspects.

The video, obtained through the residence’s home surveillance system, shows a white Kia Optima driving slowly on Ariel Drive at 4:18 am on Friday, September 30th.

The vehicle pauses in front of a parked vehicle before driving outside the camera’s view.

A short time later, a man dressed in a blue long sleeve shirt and (what appear to be) long or sagging jean shorts can be seen walking away from the car in the middle of the street.

He can be seen walking up to each of the two vehicles and pulling on the door handles.

The subject even appears to stare at another camera mounted on the other side of the residence.

The man walks away from the cars and out of view before the Kia drives through the frame in the direction of the man.

The resident says he was lucky the suspects didn’t break his car window, but his neighbor wasn’t so lucky.

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