Range Rover Package Thieves Identified

Authorities have identified two suspects seen on home surveillance footage snatching packages from the front porch of a Dublin residence. The suspects, dubbed the “Range Rover Thieves” by local residents, are believed to be responsible for other package thefts in unincorporated Danville (see original).

According to Captain Holmes of Dublin Police Services, surveillance video taken by the victim’s home security system provided clues that led detectives to the suspect.

[We stole packages] for the excitement.

— Santa Rita Inmate Shawna McLemore

Holmes says investigators interviewed Santa Rita Jail inmate Shawna McLemore about the theft case. During the interview, McLemore admitted to stealing packages off a Dublin doorstep last month with her boyfriend, Stephen Koperski. She revealed that the duo stole packages off homeowner’s doorsteps “for the excitement.”

While McLemore is already in custody at the Santa Rita Jail on unrelated charges, Koperski’s whereabouts are unknown. Police say he goes by the nickname “Knowledge” and are asking anyone with information about Stephen Koperski to contact authorities so he can be interviewed regarding the case.

Captain Holmes says the case is being submitted to the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office pending theft charges. “We are working with our neighboring jurisdictions who have had similar thefts to determine if the thefts have been committed by the same suspects,” Holmes said. The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office is investigating similar incidents of package thievery caught on camera in unincorporated Danville (see original).

It is still unknown how the couple got the Range Rover or if the vehicle belongs to them.

The public can contact Detective Buenrostro at 925-833-6670 with any information about the case.

You can see the original articles about these incidents here.

This story originally appeared on the Dublin Patch. Surveillance video forwarded to authorities by a Patch editor led investigators to the female suspect.

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