Trespassing Kids Throw Party Inside Vacant Blackhawk Home

A Blackhawk homeowner was alerted via remote security system that his vacant house had become the host of a Friday night party in Blackhawk.

At approximately 8:30 p.m. Friday night, Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to a report of a house party on Blackhawk Dr, in unincorporated Danville. The homeowner called authorities after his security system showed a large group of people inside the home, whom were not invited.

Unbeknownst to the homeowner, the group of juveniles were hosting a sizable party inside the house and on the property. Neighbors also became suspicious and called police after they witnessed large groups of people park their cars and enter the vacant home.

Arriving Sheriff’s deputies found approximately one hundred juvenile party-goers at the scene who were dispersed from the property and ordered to leave.

According to Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Jimmy Lee, there was no apparent damage to the vacant residence and it appears the party-goers may have entered the home through an unlocked door. A family member of the homeowner who responded to the scene did not want to press charges and the group was allowed to disperse without arrest.

After we notified our Twitter followers about the incident, we began to receive a flurry of videos taken at the scene. It appears that a select group of individuals were temporarily detained at the scene before being released.

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