Range Rover Thieves Strike Again

Yesterday, we brought you video of a woman in a Range Rover stealing packages in a community in east unincorporated Danville. Now, it appears the same thieves have struck again in the same neighborhood and they have once again been caught on video.

According to Wes, a neighbor of the victim homeowner, video taken Monday from his home security system shows a USPS mailman deliver a package on his neighbor’s porch on Griffon Ct. Less than 5 minutes later, a black Range Rover with green paper plates, driven by a white male dressed in a white shirt, slowly pulls in front of the victim’s house.

Then, a white female with blonde hair, wearing sunglasses, jeans and a light-colored shirt exits the car from the passenger seat and approaches the porch. The woman casually grabs the package and returns to the vehicle. She can be seen opening the package as the Range Rover makes a u-turn away from the home.

Wes says that the footage shows that the suspects were following the USPS delivery truck, even slowing down to look at the front porches of homes beforehand. What’s more, another neighbor also told Wes that the couple pulled over to talk to him just minutes before the heist.

Although the previous package theft occurred last week (link), this new incident captured on Monday appears to have the same vehicle and suspects involved. The new footage even provides us with a clearer picture of who the criminals are and what their vehicle looks like. Wes claims that the video clearly shows that the front license plate of the vehicle is a green “Cole European” dealership paper plate.

Wes also says that the package contents, though minimal in dollar value, had sentimental value and had traveled through international borders to get to her doorstep: “She was expecting children’s clothing from her out of country mom.” Not only did these thieves take from the homeowner, they took from their kids also.

A report has been filled by the homeowner with the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office who is investigating the incident. Cole European, the dealership who may be identified on the vehicles paper plates is also investigating- they estimate the car is a ’06 – ’09 Range Rover.

Note- Since there has been so much confusion, this video was recorded from a cell phone recording the screen of a video surveillance system days after the incident. We can assure you, Wes was not sitting with his bag of popcorn and video camera recording his neighbor’s house. 

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