Thieves Target Tassajara Valley Little League

DANVILLE – The Tassajara Valley Little League (TVLL) became the target of thievery this weekend when their golf cart, an important asset to the league’s operations, was stolen from a storage area at Sycamore Valley Park.

According to League spokesperson Patricia Johnson, on Saturday, April 22nd, they discovered the golf cart had been stolen from a secured area at Sycamore Valley Park. Thieves had apparently cut through the fence of a secure area to take the golf cart.

Since TVLL is a 100% volunteer organization and all funds raised from sponsors and parent registrations are used to support fields, umpires, and equipment, the League says they can’t afford to replace the cart this year.

Johnson said the League is more interested in recovering the stolen cart than identifying the culprit, “We would greatly appreciate that if anyone in the community has any information on such incident to please notify the police or better yet return the cart to Sycamore Park (no questions asked).”

TVLL says they would also gladly accept a used golf cart if someone has one they’d like to donate.

Danville Police confirmed they were notified of the theft Saturday morning and are investigating.

The stolen golf cart is described as green in color with white wheels and roof, with a utility bed on the back [similar photo posted below].

A similar-looking golf cart as the one that was stolen from TVLL this weekend.
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