Local High Schools Compete in District-Wide Dodgeball Tournament

High Schools from the San Ramon Valley Unified School District competed in the first annual district-wide dodgeball tournament Tuesday night. Teams of students from the San Ramon Valley High School, California High School, Dougherty Valley High School and Monte Vista High School assembled in the California High School gymnasium for the event, attended by students from all four schools.

The event was a continuation of similar competitions hosted at each school in the weeks before the district-wide championship. Approximately 20 teams competed during each school’s Fall and Spring semesters. The champions named during both semesters from each respective school were invited to compete in Tuesday’s tournament.

In the event, teams competed for the championship in multiple 4-round, double elimination dodgeball games. The winners of each respective game went on to the finals, where both San Ramon Valley High School teams, the “Finest” (spring champs) and the “Coral” (fall champs) competed in the last game for the district trophy.

Following the final round of the tournament, attended by almost 200 student spectators, San Ramon Valley’s “Finest” team of nine students was named victorious. After much celebration, the team was awarded a 3-foot tall trophy during a short award ceremony (pictured). Dom, a student on the winning team, said, “[the tournament] is great competition for our district.”

The event was organized by the California High School leadership class, in conjunction with leadership organizations from the three other schools, along with school administrators.

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