San Ramon Man Found Walking With Sword After Dental Surgery

Officers investigating a domestic disturbance contacted a man carrying a sheathed sword in the parking lot of DVC San Ramon Campus last Thursday.

According to Lieutenant Denton Carlson, officers from the San Ramon Police department responded to a domestic disturbance between a boyfriend and a girlfriend at approximately 6:24 p.m. Thursday evening. Carlson said the boyfriend was reportedly “acting strangely” due to medication he was prescribed following the removal of his wisdom teeth earlier that day.

Before officers arrived, the boyfriend left the residence carrying a “sheathed sword” (a sheath is a protective covering for a sword). The man was still holding the sword when officers contacted him in the parking lot of the Diablo Valley College San Ramon Campus. When ordered to drop the sheathed sword, the individual immediately complied with the officer’s command. According to Carlson, the man “never threatened any officers” during the incident. There were no arrests made.

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