San Ramon Stalker Found Lurking in Lafayette

Throughout this month, there have been reports of incidents involving stalking in the San Ramon area. Although the details of incidents are varied, the description of the suspect is fairly consistent.

We first began to hear about reports of potential stalking activity a few weeks ago. On separate occasions, multiple females reported that a male came to their doorstep and asked if they would want to get lunch (asked questions of that nature). At least one female agreed, but reported the incident to police when the man insisted on meeting with the woman again. On at least one of these occasions, the man allegedly made unwanted advances upon the victim.

This week, an employee at the Safeway on Bollinger Canyon Rd notified police that a man had been following a female costumer in and around the business. The caller reported that the same man was seen following different customers on at least three other occasions within a week period. The police were given a license plate of the alleged stalker’s vehicle, but were unable to locate the man.
This weekend, we also received a tip via our Twitter account detailing a similar incident: A man allegedly approached a woman while she was inside her car outside of Pete’s Coffee & Tea on Bollinger Canyon Rd. He asked if she was getting coffee, stood near the vehicle, then walked away. The woman waited until the man walked into the store before she exited her vehicle. Upon entry into the store, the woman discovered the man had already bought her coffee and he invited her to lunch, then dinner. The woman declined and was followed out of the parking lot by the man. The man was greeted by the woman’s co-worker at her workplace, who asked the man to leave the area. 

We are sharing this tip with our readers because the license plate on the picture provided to us by the tipster is very similar the plate reported to the police by the Safeway employee (incidents occurred in the same parking lot – Plaza Gale Ranch).
In all instances, the description of the alleged suspect is similar. He is described as an Indian male in his 40’s, is 5′ 5″ and weighs approximately 160 lbs. He is associated with a silver 2014 Toyota Corolla (Plate 7GJS867). We have information that he lives on Wells Lane in the city of San Ramon.

We cannot connect this man with the report of indecent exposure we notified our twitter followers about yesterday. In that incident, a man inside a vehicle exposed himself to a passing female (in the parking lot of the same shopping center described in earlier incidents). While the suspect vehicle was silver in color, the victim reported that the vehicle was a Honda Accord, not a Toyota Corolla.

We don’t usually write about individuals. Admittedly, this entry feels awkward, but based on the number of reports and incidents, we thought it necessary to alert our readers of these reports.

After a little bit of research and a few people sharing their experiences in the comments of this post, we discovered that Danville PD was summoned to Melo’s pizza last Thursday after the subject was seen harassing female customers. Officers (and Danville Police Chief Simpkins) contacted the man inside the restaurant and recorded his name. One reader even says the man may have been given a breathalyzer test at the conclusion of this incident.

Update: Just minutes after this story was posted,#Danville PD received a report that a woman was being followed by a man in vehicle similar to the one described in earlier stories. He first contacted the woman at the San Ramon Post Office and asked her if she would like to go to lunch; she declined the offer. He followed her (in his vehicle) into the Lunardi’s parking lot and approached her vehicle. The woman exited the parking lot and parked on a nearby street corner where officers contacted her. Danville PD officers saturated the area but were unable to locate the individual’s vehicle. It is unknown if the police will take a report since it does not appear any crime was committed in this specific incident.
It appears San Ramon PD made contact with this suspect earlier in the week, and they know the man’s name.

Update: Just minutes after the update above was posted, the Alamo Sheriff’s office received a report of a woman being followed by the same vehicle. The same individual approached this woman at the Danville Starbucks and attempted to hug her. She was followed in her vehicle from Danville to Lafayette where Lafayette PD responded to the incident.

Update: Lafayette PD confirms they made contact with the individual after he followed her from the Danville Starbucks. Officers described the man as disoriented and confused. Based upon the comments of the woman and the individual, he was committed for a 72-hour evaluation at County Hospital. 
Lafayette PD says the woman in this situation did exactly as they wanted her to do in this scary situation. She called police, provided them with a description of the subject and his car and remained calm. She was directed to drive to a populated area in the city, where officers could intercept both vehicles.

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