San Ramon Police Credited With ‘Life-Saving’ Actions, Again

Two San Ramon Police officers and a bystander helped save the life of a man who collapsed on a San Ramon tennis court Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, the San Ramon Valley Fire Dispatch Center received a call from a citizen reporting that someone was having a heart attack on the tennis courts adjacent to the San Ramon Olympic Pool.

Dispatchers requested that both firefighters and San Ramon Police officers respond to the medical emergency, given its serious nature.

According to San Ramon Police, Corporal Schneider and Officer Wrangham arrived at the tennis courts where they found a doctor administering CPR to the 45 year-old man.

Police say Schneider used an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) from his patrol car to shock the victim before he was joined by Wrangham. The two provided life-saving measures until firefighters arrived.

In a Facebook post, San Ramon Police said the man is “alive and recovering” at San Ramon Regional Medical Center.

Coincidentally, Officer Wrangham was also responsible for providing life-saving aid to a man who collapsed at the San Ramon Club Sport a week prior. That victim is also alive and healing.

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