San Ramon Police Officers Credited With ‘Life-Saving Actions’

Three San Ramon Police officers provided lifesaving care to a man who went into cardiac arrest at a local fitness center.

At approximately 2:40 p.m. Sunday morning, the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District received a 911 call from a citizen reporting that a man had collapsed inside the San Ramon ClubSport on Bollinger Canyon Road.

Two San Ramon Police officers were dispatched to assist the patient who was reportedly unresponsive.

According to San Ramon Police, officers Matt Scully and Sophia Wrangham arrived on the scene less than two minutes after being dispatched. They found patrons attending to a man who had apparently gone into sudden cardiac arrest while working out on a treadmill.

Scully and Wrangham were joined by Corporal Tami Williams who was at the fitness center exercising on her day off. Scully and Williams gave the victim CPR while Williams deployed an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

The trio continued to provide lifesaving measures until paramedics arrived and transported the patient to the San Ramon Regional Medical Center.

A San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District official later told police that the outcome could have been “grim” for the victim had the officers not taken lifesaving actions. He says that the patient’s condition is “improving” since the incident.

Later, in response to San Ramon Police, the man’s daughter tweeted “Thank you for saving my dad’s life! The doctor said bc of your fast action he is alive today! We hope we can personally thank u.”

Police say the addition of their new San Ramon Valley 911 Communication Center allowed officers to respond quickly to the incident. The dispatch center is a highly regarded improvement to the safety of San Ramon. It allows fire dispatchers, police dispatchers and 911 call takers to be in the same place. The communication center also allows 911 calls to go directly to the San Ramon Police and Fire departments.

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