Police, Students on Alert After Creepy Clown Threats Target San Ramon High Schools

SAN RAMON – Police say they are investigating a “clown related threat” directed at California High School that was posted on social media Wednesday.

A recent series of hoax threats involving creepy clowns have been trending on social media this week.

Across the U.S., unnerving photos of scary clowns have been popping up on social media and some contain threats of violence.

Police say that a clown related social media post on Twitter contained a threatening message toward California High School in San Ramon.

In response to the threat, the department says it will increase patrols at both Dougherty Valley and California high schools starting Tuesday.

Police also say they will be “taking additional steps to ensure the safety of students.”

Authorities have not said whether they believe the threat came from a student or what type of threat the post contained.

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District sent an email to parents Wednesday evening saying, “today we received a report of a Twitter threat made against California High School made by an individual identifying themselves as a clown.”

The email says goes on to say that any social media post that threatens a school or students will be considered a terrorist threat and asks parents to talk to their students about making good choices online.

The district maintains that the increased police presence around the schools is a precautionary measure and that “the safety of our students is our top priority.”

After publishing this story, a Danville San Ramon Updates reader provided a photo of an additional threat made against Dougherty Valley High School on Instagram, another social media network.

The Instagram account from which that threat originated from has since been deleted.

Sources tell Danville San Ramon Updates that a Twitter account promoting scary clowns in San Ramon emerged Tuesday night, but the account has also been deleted.

Just a few miles north of San Ramon, Concord police say a person dressed in a clown suit tried to abduct a baby girl from a bus stop in Concord Wednesday afternoon.

A recent video posted on social media showed college students at Penn State University running through the streets attempting to hunt a creepy clown pictured in a post on social media Monday night.

Though there are scattered reports of clowns attempting to lure or harm people elsewhere in the U.S., San Ramon Police say there have been no substantiated clown threats in the local area.

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