Police to increase school patrols after threatening graffiti found

DANVILLE – Police are investigating threatening graffiti reported Sunday afternoon.

Police Chief Allan Shields said the graffiti was reported by a resident on a footbridge near Old Blackhawk Road. It stated, “Shooting at MV and SRV 10/3.” Chief Shields said there is no evidence to support the threat as credible at this time.

“We will continue to investigate this, but at the same time we are taking it seriously. We plan to have an additional presence at the schools tomorrow, and will be working with the school district to ensure the safety of students and staff at the high schools,” Shields said.

The graffiti has since been removed by Town of Danville staff.

 Anyone with information on the graffiti is encouraged to contact the Danville Police Department at (925) 314-3700. 

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