San Ramon Abduction Story Debunked

San Ramon Police notified the community of a reported abduction attempt in the Pine Valley neighborhood on Monday, September 14th. A man reportedly attempted to forcefully abduct a 13 year old girl near Pine Valley Middle School yesterday. The San Ramon Police Department says the man was following the girl near Davona Dr, asked her to get in the vehicle, and grabbed her by the wrist when she declined. The suspect was described in detail as a white male about 40‐years‐old, approximately 5‐foot‐10 with a muscular build, short blond hair with beard. He was wearing a blue t‐shirt and black jeans. He was also reportedly driving an older white minivan, with tinted windows. A white material covered some of the windows. During the follow-up investigation, and additional interviews of the alleged victim, some discrepancies were revealed. Police announced Wednesday they learned that the juvenile fabricated an incident that never occurred. In a news release, San Ramon Police stated, “It’s unfortunate that a scare in the community was raised by this fabricated incident… [the Department] takes reports of criminal activity very seriously.”

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