San Ramon Detectives Arrest Four Young Suspects for Beating Man Near Elementary School

SAN RAMON – Police detectives have arrested four suspects for allegedly assaulting a man who sustained a broken nose, fractured cheekbone and other injuries during an altercation near the Walt Disney Elementary School campus late Friday night.

At 11:55pm on Friday, October 14th, police say they were dispatched to the area of Walt Disney Elementary for a reported disturbance. While officers were responding to the report, the individual reporting the incident stated the subjects involved were now in front of his home and were in a physical altercation.

When officers arrived, they found a male victim bleeding from numerous lacerations and injuries throughout his face and body. The victim stated he confronted several teenagers who were causing a disturbance on the school playground and on the access trail between Walt Disney Elementary and Pebble Place. He reported that while he was speaking with one of the individuals, the he was struck in the head by one of the suspects.

Multiple suspects allegedly began punching and kicking the victim and ultimately a suspect choked the victim until he lost consciousness. As a result of this attack, the victim suffered a broken nose, a fractured cheekbone, a bruised kidney, and numerous lacerations and bruising throughout his body.

However, according to reports, the victim refused medical transport from paramedics who responded to the scene.

According to San Ramon Police, they quickly identified several suspects upon investigation. Over the past several days, San Ramon Police say detectives wrote numerous search and arrest warrants associated with the incident.

On the morning of Tuesday, October 18th, a search warrant was served at the San Ramon home of 19 year old Jordan Manibusan. According to authorities, Manibusan was placed under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon and felony battery. He was booked at the County Jail in Martinez and is currently being held with a bail of $80,000.

Early Thursday morning, detectives served three additional warrants associated with this incident. Zachary Kennedy, a 20-year-old resident of Danville, was arrested at his home and booked at the County Jail in Martinez for assault with a deadly weapon, and felony battery. Kennedy is also being held with a bail of $80,000.

In addition, police say two 17-year-old juveniles were taken into police custody at their homes in San Ramon this morning. Both juveniles were also arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, and felony battery. They are being held at the County Juvenile Hall Detention Facility in Martinez.

Friends of the victim have set up a GoFundMe on his behalf, and have raised over $3,000 as of Thursday afternoon.

We spoke to the author of the victim’s GoFundMe, Pam Schulze, who gave a details about his condition, “Casey has been recovering at home waiting for the swelling on this face to go down enough for surgery to fix his broken cheekbone.”

Schulze says that she’s known Casey, who is now 23, since he was age 5, remarking that he “doesn’t have a mean or violent bone in his body.” Schulze recalled that neighbors heard a loud group behind Walt Disney Elementary School and made two calls to police reporting the disturbance.

Before authorities arrived, Schulze could see a man lying on the ground, unconscious as he was “getting kicked in the back and stomped on his head.” Schulze noticed Casey was the battered the victim lying on the ground after a bystander pulled the main aggressor off of him. “We are relieved the perps are all caught… our neighborhood has been really upset and shocked over the incident,” Schulze added.

Police are asking anyone with additional information regarding this incident to contact Detective L. Pelayo at

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