Deputies Respond to Report of ‘Shots Fired’ on Isolated Property Early Monday Morning

MORGAN TERRITORY – Deputies responded to a remote property east of Danville early Monday morning where they (reportedly) found suspicious evidence such as abandoned trucks, a vehicle with a bullet-riddled windshield and multiple firearms, but no suspects.

The Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff confirmed Monday that they responded to a report of suspicious circumstance at 2:08 a.m. Monday morning in the remote region of Morgan Territory, more than five miles east of Danville.

Deputies had received information that trespassers and vehicles were a property on the 9600 block of Morgan Territory Road, according to Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Jimmy Lee.

Lee said that an individual on the property fired shots in an attempt to scare the trespassers away.

According to an unconfirmed source, deputies responded to the property from both sides of Morgan Territory Road, a journey that required a nearly 10 mile drive in each direction.

Once deputies arrived at the property, which exists outside of most cell phone provider’s coverage area, they made contact with the homeowner and another individual nearby, according to our source.

Deputies, assisted by Danville Police Department’s canine team, quietly stormed the isolated property under the early Monday moonlight.

Our source tells us that in the process of searching the property, deputies reportedly discovered at least one vehicle riddled with a windshield riddled with bullet holes, empty holsters and recovered multiple firearms.

Despite a thorough search of the property, no suspects or victims were located.

The alleged suspects would have had few options to flee the remote property. A one lane road carries traffic north and south, nearly 6 miles in either direction before the nearest intersection, and an additional 4 miles before reaching any city limits.

Lee says the incident remains under investigation.

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