Monte Vista High School Briefly Placed in Lockdown After ‘Unverified Written Threat’

DANVILLE – Monte Vista High School was very briefly placed in lockdown by police after a written threat was found on campus.

At around noon Monday afternoon, students and staff at the high school were given orders to shelter-in-place after an “unverified written threat” was found somewhere on campus.

According to multiple sources, the threat was written on the wall of a bathroom at the school, threatening to cause violence at 12:15 pm. Many students shared a photo of the threat with Danville San Ramon Updates.

A school resource officer was already at the school when administrators were made aware of the threat. Officers searched the campus and parking lots before lifting the lockdown order less than 30 minutes after it was given.

Parents were notified of the lockdown via email Monday from the school’s principal. The email specified the threat was “an anonymously written graffiti message threatening school safety.”

Parents were also asked to refrain from coming to the school, “students and staff are in good hands and there is no need to respond to the school. Parents please do not come to campus,” the email said.

An email sent out after the lockdown had been lifted said police “determined it (the threat) was not credible and that the school is safe. We are thankful to Danville Police for acting so quickly in support of our school.”

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