Lawrence’s Meat Company Closes After 125 Years of Serving Alamo/ Walnut Creek

ALAMO – After 125 years and 5 generations of serving the Alamo and Walnut Creek Area, Lawrence’s Walnut Creek Meat Company has closed.

Ed Lawrence, the owner of Lawrence Meats, says the expense of rent, difficult parking and dwindling business has moved him to finally close the business.

“With Richards closing, there’s not enough foot traffic. It’s made things extremely difficult,” Lawrence said. “I would have loved to keep it going, but ever since 2008, we just haven’t done much business,” he added.

Lawrence’s Walnut Creek Meat Company first opened in the Walnut Creek Market in 1910. The butcher shop was run by Fred Lawrence with his brothers, Joe and Harry, according to their website.

The business was eventually moved from its founding location in Walnut Creek to its most recent location in the Alamo Plaza Shopping Center in 1986.

Rumors of the closure have been circulating around the community since Tuesday when a “closed” sign appeared in the window of the business.

Many community members shared memories of Lawrence’s online, including Jon Jacoboni, who grew up in Walnut Creek, “My fathers first job was at Lawrence’s around 1935. He would brine the corned beef, remove the tendons from turkey legs and whatever else he was told to do. He passed away in 2010. A time gone by.”

Local historian Mark Harrigan, who runs the “680/24 Corridor History” Facebook group said he has fond memories of Lawrence’s Meat Market. He added his wife once went to a “how-to” butcher an animal put on by a Lawrence family member.

Although Sasa Sushi Restaurant occupies the original brick building where Lawrence’s Meats first opened in Walnut Creek, the painted Lawrence’s sign still remains on an exterior brick wall as a part of the downtown’s history.

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