San Ramon Parking Lot Evacuated for Hazardous Materials Investigation

The parking lot of a popular San Ramon hiking trail was evacuated after officers found potentially hazardous items inside a dumpster.

Just before 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon, the San Ramon Valley Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Response Team was dispatched to an incident in unincorporated San Ramon.

East Bay Regional Parks Police officers called the fire department after they observed two bottles filled with an unknown type of liquid inside a dumpster at the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness staging area on Bollinger Canyon Road. The officers speculated that the bottles appeared similar to an “acid bomb.”

Upon their arrival, firefighters isolated and evacuated the parking lot and surrounding area.

At 4:20 p.m., HAZMAT crews deemed the items non-hazardous and the area was re-opened to the public.

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