How to register your security cameras to help law enforcement

CONTRA COSTA – The Sheriff’s Office has joined other departments in the San Ramon Valley offering citizens the opportunity to register their security cameras with law enforcement to help detectives investigate crime.

Security cameras are used an investigative tool to help homes and businesses protect their property. Local police departments have registration forms in place that allow citizens to turn their surveillance cameras into a crime fighting tool that benefits the surrounding neighborhood.

For systems within Danville town limits: visit, create an account and register your cameras.

For systems within San Ramon city limits: visit this link and follow the instructions. San Ramon Police say their security camera registry helped detectives during a recent investigation.

For systems within unincorporated Contra Costa County (including Alamo, Diablo, Blackhawk): email and provide the information below.

Please provide:
1. Contact name (first and last)
2. If it is a business, please provide the business name
3. Complete address
4. Best contact phone number
5. Your email address

The Sheriff’s Office provided this information to citizens who choose to register their cameras:

¨ If a crime occurs in your neighborhood, Detectives may contact you and ask that you check your recordings for specific information.
¨ Your information is kept safe and secure and never made public.
¨ You remain in complete control. The Sheriff’s Office will never have access to your cameras.
¨ Your participation is completely voluntary and you can opt out at any time.


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