Danville High School Student Airlifted After Suffering Head Trauma

A Danville high school student on his way to play football at Cal Poly was airlifted to a local trauma center after suffering head trauma in a swimming pool.

A Danville high school student set to play football at Cal Poly was airlifted to a local trauma center after suffering head trauma in a swimming pool.

High school graduation is supposed to be a time of happiness, celebration and reflection for graduating seniors. This year, an empty seat will be among the San Ramon Valley High School Class of 2016 as one of their beloved classmates recovers in the hospital after suffering a traumatic spine injury.

At approximately 4:28 p.m. Thursday afternoon, firefighters from the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District responded to a report that an 18-year-old male adult had suffered head trauma before being pulled out of a swimming pool at a residence on Estates Drive.

Although it is unclear exactly how the individual endured the trauma, early reports indicate he may have been attempting to dive into the swimming pool before hitting his head.

After arriving on scene, firefighters, along with their Battalion Chief requested that an air ambulance from R.E.A.C.H. Air Medical Services respond to airlift the patient to a nearby trauma center.

Fire officials determined that the San Ramon Valley High School was the ideal landing zone for the helicopter. Dispatchers were able to contact school staff who recommended that the airlift take place on the varsity baseball field because the football field being used for a middle school graduation ceremony.

Assisted by the Danville Police Department, firefighters secured a landing zone where the R.E.A.C.H. flight crew received and airlifted the patient to John Muir Medical Center.

As word spread about the incident, we learned that the patient is 18-year-old San Ramon Valley High School senior Jake Javier. As a veteran high school football player, he was set to play football at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo next year. Javier was also planning to walk at graduation on Friday, but now, it’s uncertain if he will walk again.

Javier’s sister, Gabby Javier, updated the Danville community via Twitter early Friday morning: “Jake is paralyzed from the shoulders down. According to his surgeons he has a 20% change of being able to regain some use of his arms and hands, which we will be able to find out within two weeks.” In the tweet, she thanks the Danville and San Ramon Valley High community for the “outpouring support throughout this extremely rough night.” Javier went through surgery for much of Thursday evening.

Many friends and school faculty attended a gathering in honor of Javier Thursday evening on the high school’s football field. San Ramon Valley High School’s leadership tweeted a photo (below) following the vigil with the caption: “Thank you for coming out to support our friend Jake.”

A recovery fund has been set up by Javier’s close friends to help his family with medical expenses. According to the description, “[Jake] has completed surgery to stabilize his spine, but he is currently paralyzed from the chest down. Jake will be in the ICU for at least the next two weeks.”

Javier’s sister shared her heartbreak via Twitter Friday morning, “it’s always been Jake’s dream to play college ball, I can’t believe that opportunity has been stripped from him after becoming so close.”

She also offered thanks to other students who acted quickly at the gathering Javier was attending, “whoever pulled my brother from the pool after this incident, you have my deepest gratitude.”

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