Firefighters Rescue Baby Deer Stuck In A Fence

BLACKHAWK – Firefighters worked to comfort, hydrate and rescue a baby deer trapped between fence pickets in unincorporated Danville last Sunday, August 28th.

According to a neighbor, the baby deer was found Sunday evening at around 3:00 pm. The fawn had become stuck between two fence pickets that divide two residential properties.

It reportedly appeared scared as it fought to free its head from the metal fence.

A neighbor notified Contra Costa County Animal Services, asking them to help free the fawn. Uncertain about the urgency of the situation, the neighbor decided to give the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District a call.

Firefighters from Station 35 quickly responded and worked to save the frightened baby deer. It took them a matter of seconds to free the fawn from the fence.

Despite the rescue, the firefighter’s mission wasn’t complete. They comforted the baby deer by putting it in the shade, petting it and giving it water. It was given the name “Venison” by its rescuers.

Once treated, the baby deer stood up and ran back into a nearby open space.

Bystanders said they were impressed by the kindness firefighters gave the fawn during the rescue.

A neighbor said that Animal Services never arrived and were told that they were no longer needed after the fawn was rescued.

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