Danville School Evacuated as Fire Burns on Adjacent Property

As the sun sets tonight on the San Ramon Valley, firefighters are able to take a sigh of relief & get much needed rest after what was likely one of their busiest and most testing days of 2015. Here’s a breakdown of what happened today:
Thank you San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District.

4:40AM- Over 16 firefighters are dispatched to a big-rig fire on South 680 in San Ramon. They find a motorcycle rider who had been ejected from his bike, and later died.

7:50AM- Firefighters are assisted by a local resident in a tractor to extinguish a small grass fire in the Tassajara area.

Photo- @delmontejustine on Twitter

1:54PM- A construction crew sparks a 1/4 acre grass fire on The Athenian School property, school is evacuated. Firefighters save a nearby house from burning and keep the fire under an acre. Twitter user @DelMonteJustine sent us a tweet picturing the evacuated students from the school, assuring her followers “we’re not dead yet.” There were no injuries reported.

2:16PM (22 minutes later)- Fire Department receives a report of a fire about to spread to the Canyon View Apartments, redirects resources from the Athenian School incident. The fire was quickly extinguished.

Photo- The Couch Family Fire Recovery Fund

2:30PM (14 minutes later)- SRVFPD receives a report of a house on fire near Livorna Rd. Firefighters scramble and outside resources from Contra Costa County Fire & Cal Fire rush to the narrow Vernal Dr in Alamo where they find a house fully engulfed. Firefighters & Sheriff work to confirm who has been evacuated. Crews were able to avoid dangerous hazards like down power lines and flammable gas. All in all, the house was very badly damaged. Firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to the adjacent field as air tankers monitored the situation from above. Crews had to rush to extinguish multiple spot fires that were ignited in the surrounding area and as of 7:30PM tonight, crews are still working to overhaul & investigate the scene.

Photo- Brandon Mark Leclère
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