Range Rover Package Thieves Strike in Dublin

Last week, we brought you the story of two brazen package thieves traveling in a Range Rover, stealing packages from homeowner’s doorsteps in unincorporated Danville. The first story here, the second here.

It appears the same thieves have been caught on camera stealing packages once again in broad daylight. This time, they have brought their crime into the city of Dublin, just south of San Ramon.

Surveillance video taken from a Dublin home (courtesy Sarah Cleric) shows a dark colored Range Rover with green paper plates (similar Danville package heists) pull in front of the home. A blonde woman wearing jeans and sunglasses (also similar suspect to previous heists) exists the passenger side of the vehicle and walks toward the front porch.

As the woman gets to the front door, she immediately goes for the packages. She steals two boxes from the porch: one rectangular and a USPS type of box. The suspect turns around, and immediately returns to the awaiting black Range Rover, driven by another person. The Range Rover even begins driving away before the woman has closed the door or put on a seat belt.

During the approach and departure to the porch, the woman never looked around the area or at the house. She seemed so brazen as to not observe her surroundings, confident that she could snatch the packages and escape with the goods.

The homeowner has filed a report with the Dublin police department.

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