Dougherty Valley High School boys surprise students in special education class with Homecoming invite

SAN RAMON – Three students with special needs at Dougherty Valley High School got an unexpected visit from a group of senior boys asking them to Homecoming during class Tuesday.

Mr. Bowen, the leadership class teacher at DVHS, said he was approached by three of his students who said they wanted to ask a girl from the school’s special ed class to Homecoming.

We have a student in our Leadership class who is also in the special ed class and the boys saw how happy she was when she was asked to Homecoming by her boyfriend,” Bowen said.

The boys said they had already been to Homecoming several times but wanted to do something different this year.

After the girls’ parents gave the green light, the three senior boys, Jayson Ho, Tommy Bell and Bryan Liu presented the three girls with posters in their classroom and asked if they would attend Homecoming with them.

“They wanted to make it clear to me that it wasn’t out of pity. They genuinely wanted to take these girls because they knew how happy it would make them,” Bowen explained.

All three boys are seniors in the DVHS leadership program. Ho is a soccer player who recently committed to the University of Rochester New York. Bell, a decorated track athlete, is planning to continue his athletic career in college and Liu holds the position of senior class secretary.

Megan Fortayon, a special education teacher at DVHS, recorded the girls’ reaction to the invitation. The video is embedded at the bottom of this article.

DVHS held their Homecoming dance on Friday, September 29th. The dance, which was held at the school, featured laser tag, mini racecars, a photobooth and food from CREAM, Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, Chik Fil A and Wetzel’s Pretzels.

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