Pair Badly Injured After Hot Rod Crash in Danville Parking Lot


Officers from the Danville Police Department, along with firefighters from the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District, responded to a report that a person had been ejected from a vehicle following a crash in the Safeway parking lot at approximately 8:42 p.m., Saturday.

An arriving Danville Police officer found an unconscious adult victim lying on the ground, possibly after being ejected from the vehicle, an early model Ford “Hot Rod.” Photos from the scene show that the vehicle had collided with a light pole in the parking lot. The officer also located another victim who was conscious, but badly injured.

Once on scene, firefighters began to treat both victims and immediately requested that an additional ambulance respond to the scene. Both victims, who are said to be over 40 years old (maybe elderly), were transported to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek for their traumatic injuries.

Witnesses report they heard the vehicle doing “burn-outs” prior to the accident, while other witnesses say the vehicle accelarated out of control. Some witnesses at the scene also claimed the steering wheel on the vehicle malfunctioned, causing the crash. An individual close with the couple says the throttle got stuck, causing an uncontrollable acceleration into the pole.

At this time, both victims are said to be in stable condition at John Muir Medical Center.

The official cause of the accident is under investigation. Danville Police officers spent time interviewing witnesses after the victims were transported.

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