Rainy Weather Causes Freeway Fatality.

San Ramon Valley firefighters, along with officers from the California Highway Patrol, were dispatched to a vehicle accident on the freeway at approximately 12:20 p.m. Sunday afternoon. The accident was reportedly located just south of Sycamore Valley Rd, in the south-bound direction.

Arriving CHP officers found three vehicles with major damage and a person laying in the number one lane, unresponsive. Three ambulances were immediately dispatched to the scene. The unresponsive patient laying in the roadway was pronounced deceased shortly after firefighters arrived on the scene. Two other patients were transported with serious injuries.

The incident prompted CHP to issue a SIG alert due to the blockage of the 1 & 2 lanes while authorities investigate.

This morning, San Ramon Valley Fire received 5 reports of vehicle accidents on the freeway within a 15 minute time frame, and another 5 within 10 a minute window this afternoon.

Heavy rain has also forced the closure of Diablo Rd between both entrances of the Diablo neighborhood.

Photo- San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District
Photo- San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District
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