Danville Residents Trap Suspected Thief in Vehicle

DANVILLE – A Danville resident enlisted the help of friends to trap a suspected thief inside a vehicle he was allegedly trying to burglarize on Alamatos Drive early Saturday morning.

Police say Emmanuel Sanchez, 45, of Vallejo was arrested for petty theft, possession of dangerous drugs and probation violation when he was found inside a vehicle parked in a resident’s driveway on Alamatos Drive.

The resident was alerted to the crime at around 12:30 am Saturday morning when a dog was heard barking in the neighborhood. Thinking that vandals who “egged” the home earlier in the night had returned, the victim walked outside to confront them.

Instead, the resident observed Sanchez getting into an unlocked vehicle sitting in the driveway of the residence.

After calling police, the victim quickly enlisted the help of friends to block the doors of the car with their bodies to prevent the suspect from leaving.

Officers arrived a few minutes later and took Sanchez into custody. Sanchez, who is on probation, was also found to be in possession of dangerous drugs.

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