Danville Police Kick Off “Recess With the Cops”

DANVILLE – The Danville Police Department has begun their “Recess with the Cops” series where police visit Danville schools and spend time with students during recess.

Kids at the Montair Elementary School and Charlotte Wood Middle School were visited by Danville Police Chief Steve Simpkins and some of his officers this week during recess.

Police hung out, played gaga ball and basketball with the students during their recess and lunch hour. Officers also interacted with students while they handed out autographed stickers.

While police spoke to students about what they do, the kids were able to teach officers how to do the ‘dab,’ a dance move in which the dancer drops their head while raising an arm and the elbow in a gesture that has been noted to resemble sneezing.

Police Chief Simpkins spoke about the program during a recent Town Council meeting, saying that he was looking forward to spending time with students since “Coffee and Cocoa with the Cops,” another community event, was so successful.

“Meeting with our youngsters is very very important to us. We definitely want them to learn about police work from some place other than YouTube,” Simpkins said during the meeting.

“We can just hang out them, play little basketball, kickball for a few minutes. No powerpoint presentations, no pressure sales or anything like that,” Simpkins added.


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