Danville Police Detain Group After Fight Breaks Out

DANVILLE, CA – Police detained a group of individuals after they fled and physically resisted officers during a fight at a local park.

Just after 7:00 pm Saturday evening, Danville Police responded to a report that a large group of subjects were in a ravine near Diablo Vista Park.

Upon arrival, an officer found a group of approximately 20 young adults in a verbal altercation near the ‘Snake Park’ playground.

Within minutes, the group of subjects turned violent, and the verbal altercation turned physical.

When the officer attempted to detain members of the group, an individual got into a physical altercation with the officer.

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s helicopter responded and came overhead as another officer arrived on the scene.

As backup responded, more officers joined the altercation in an effort to gain control of the situation.

At one point, the group attempted to force an individual from an officer’s custody.

Members of the group fled south toward San Ramon as officers and deputies from multiple agencies converged on the park.

With the help of the helicopter, officers from the San Ramon Police Department and their canine located suspects that fled south into Red Willow Park.

Just after 7:30 pm, police determined that they had all of the suspects in custody.

Radio traffic during the altercation indicated that a vehicle involved in the altercation was from San Ramon and another was from out of town. At least three of the involved individuals are from San Ramon.

Police confirmed Monday that they arrested three adults and one juvenile. They still don’t know what lead up to the fight, or why such a large group was in the ravine.

This article contains unconfirmed information.

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