Danville Police Bring ‘Recess with the Cops’ to Eleven Local Elementary & Middle Schools

DANVILLE – The Danville Police Department visited students at eleven local school as part of their ‘Recess With The Cops’ series.

As of last month, Danville Police have visited all ten of the town’s public elementary and middle schools to visit students during recess. They also visited San Ramon Valley Christian Academy, a private K-12 school in Danville.

Throughout the fall, police visited a school almost every week to introduce themselves to students. Each week, Danville’s Chief Simpkins, Lieutenant Shields and other officers spent time signing autographs, handing out stickers, playing sports and socializing with the students.

Police posted photos from their visits on Facebook, noting that students had plenty of questions for them that resulted in great discussions.

One parent commented, “my son was so excited to tell me when he came home that he played basketball at school (with) some Danville Police. More importantly that they were ‘really good and kicked my butt’.. thx for reaching out to our community and kids.”


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