Vandals Use Sandwiches to Vandalize Danville Neighborhood

Typical juvenile pranks usually involve toilet paper, eggs or other household items. However, for Richard Lew and his neighbors, the vandalism came in the form of an elementary school lunch.

Lew and the rest of the Diablo Highlands community in Danville awoke Saturday morning and discovered their vehicles had been at the receiving end of a juvenile prank.

A few vehicles parked on the side of the road overnight were vandalized with slices of white bread, peanut butter and jelly. Neighbors found slices of bread (some still soggy from the morning dew) evenly spread with peanut butter and jelly stuck to the outside of the vehicles.

Some slices remained stuck to the sides of the cars through the night and some left streaks of peanut butter as they slowly slipped down the side.

In all, four cars were vandalized. In a social media post, Richard Lew notified his neighbors and provided photos of the scene. He asked neighbors to check their pantry for any missing ingredients that may have been used. He hopes people will also submit pictures of other “violations” in their neighborhood. He says, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Lew’s post drew a variety of responses from neighbors. Some saw it as another juvenile prank, but others believed that the incident was a product of bad parenting.

Be on the lookout for kids running around with half full peanut butter and jelly containers.

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