Anti- Circumcision Protesters Draw Attention in Danville

The Danville Police Department was alerted Saturday (August 29th) to a group of protesters on the corner of Sycamore Valley Rd and San Ramon Valley Blvd. Arriving officers found an unusual bunch of individuals protesting… circumcision. A passing motorist who identifies as @dan_lawrence on Twitter captured a photo that pictures a man with, as one Facebook user commented, appeared to have “spilled… Kool-Aid on his JCrew trousers.”

The man pictured, an anti-genital mutilation activist from Concord, Brian Herrity, is a part of a group called “Bloodstained Men.” The group’s activists are identified by their white shorts with noticeable blood stains in the groin region. In a Facebook comment on our Facebook Page, Herrit said “our people deserve to know the truth about the harms of circumcision.”

In a couple of hours, the protesters drew onlookers, picture takers and curious citizens. Police officers were even dispatched to remind the protestors to remain out of the street. Before long, the activists even inspired a group of pro-circumcision protestors to host their own protest on an opposite street corner. That’s right, a few young folks came out to the intersection with their own picket signs opposing Herrity and the other protestors. A few videos of an altercation between the two parties were posted to Facebook by the anti-circumcision activist leader, who identifies as “Brother K.”

The video shows pro-circumcision teenagers and anti-circumcision activists clashing in a genital debate. In the footage, Herrity tells the teenagers, “they mashed up your d*ck as a baby, don’t say you like it.” A teenager can be heard snapping back, exclaiming “my penis is working fine.”

Once the argument subsided, both groups went their separate ways, and Danville returned to normal once again, forever er… educated by the Bloodstained Men.

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