SRVUSD to Review Plans for Verizon Cell Tower near San Ramon Valley High School

DANVILLE – The board of education is set to review a proposal from Verizon Wireless to place cellular transmission equipment on the San Ramon Valley High School campus.

In an email sent to San Ramon Valley Unified School District parents and staff, Assistant Superintendent Gary Black said the board of education is set to review Verizon’s proposal on Tuesday, October 4th at 7 p.m. in the district’s Education Center at 699 Old Orchard Road in Danville.

In their letter of intent to the District, Verizon proposes to install its equipment on a new stadium light pole located on the home-side of the stadium bleachers.

Black says the project would be very similar to the cell tower project approved at California High School in January.

California High School’s Verizon proposal was approved by the board of education with the provision that Verizon pays for annual radio-frequency tests around the site (story).

Black also reminded parents and staff that the project would “increase the cellular capacity at SRVHS and surrounding community” and generate revenue for the District.

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