Weekly Drama: April 2016 – Week Three

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week.

Monday, April 18th

[Danville] 12 PM – Firefighters from San Ramon Valley Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team were summoned to Leslie’s Pool Supplies after an employee reported illness following a chemical spill inside the business. The problem was mitigated.

[San Ramon] 3:30 PM – Officers were notified that a crowd of approximately 100 protestors was forming outside of Chevron Headquarters on Bollinger Canyon Road. Officers monitored the demonstrators until they marched out of the area.

Wednesday, April 20th

[San Ramon] 4 PM – Officers once again discovered a crowd of protestors in front of the Chevron Headquarters. They eventually dispersed.

[San Ramon] 8 PM – Police responded to a report of ten juveniles smoking marijuana and attempting to climb buildings at the Canyon Oaks apartments. Some speculate this was in celebration of “4-20,” the unofficial cannabis holiday. However, contrary to popular rumor, the police code for cannabis isn’t 420, it is penal code 11357.

Thursday, April 21st

[San Ramon] 7 PM – Firefighters were dispatched to a report of a trash can on fire near In-N-Out. The blaze was extinguished upon their arrival.

[Tassajara] 8:30 PM – Officers responded to a report that an unruly individual was throwing rocks at a neighbor’s vehicle in the Alamo Creek neighborhood. Officers contacted the individual.

Friday, April 22nd

[Danville] 4 PM – Amidst rainy weather, firefighters and officers from the California Highway Patrol responded to a report of a vehicle accident on the freeway near the Crow Canyon offramp. One caller reported that the vehicles had spun-out and the driver was badly injured. Firefighters transported the victim to the hospital where they later succumbed to injuries.

Saturday, April 23rd

[Danville] 10:30 AM – Officers from the Danville Police Department were able to locate a missing person with Alzheimer’s less than 20 minutes after she was reported missing by her husband.

[San Ramon] 1:30 PM – Police officers, along with paramedics were dispatched to a report of an out of control child who “needed to be sedated” near the sheep-shearing event at Forest Home Farms. It’s unknown if the individual was experiencing symptoms of a “sugar high” from the cotton candy stand.

[Diablo] 5:30 PM – Firefighters were dispatched to investigate an accident in which a golf cart had crashed into a gas meter on the 5th tee of the Diablo Country Club Golf Course. The problem was mitigated by firefighters and staff.

[Danville] 9:30 PM – Animal Control officers were dispatched to a report of an injured peacock lying in the roadway after it was hit by a vehicle. Citizens attempted to render aid to the injured bird. During the course of the response, the peacock disappeared (yes, really, no one knows where it went).

Sunday, April 24th

[Danville] 12 PM – Officers responded to a report of a bearded man riding a bike & yelling profanities at passing civilians on the Iron Horse Trail. The subject was not located.

[Danville] 9 PM – Police responded to a report of a man “with lots of missing teeth” destroying plants in front of Primos Pizza on Hartz Ave. When officers located the individual, he fled but surrendered when he encountered Rony, the Danville Police canine. When the individual attempted to fight with officers, Rony was deployed, biting the suspect. He was transported to the hospital for treatment. You can read the full article about this incident here.

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