Weekly Drama: April 2016 – Week One

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week, but never made news headlines.

Monday April 4th

[Danville] At 8 pm, officers were dispatched to a report of a crying, possibly intoxicated female walking down Hartz Avenue while pushing a child in a stroller. Multiple witnesses reported that she was pushing the stroller into buildings, bushes and even down stairs. Bystanders intervened, taking control of the stroller until officers arrived. The mother (a San Ramon resident) was placed into custody for child endangerment.

Tuesday April 5th

[Danville] At noon, officers were dispatched to a report of multiple vehicles racing in the parking lot of the Diablo Vista Middle School. The caller reported that one of the vehicles was also driving over a portion of landscape in the parking lot. Officers arrived and located multiple vehicles that matched the description given.

[San Ramon] Later Tuesday evening, at 6 pm, officers were dispatched to a report that multiple men were in a physical altercation near The Hop Yard. The caller also reported that a female was attempting to break up the fight.

[San Ramon] About an hour later, at 8 pm, the police department received a report that a goose was walking in a lane of traffic on Bollinger Canyon Rd. It was reportedly creating a traffic hazard as vehicles maneuvered to avoid it. An officer moved the goose along.

Thursday April 7th

[San Ramon] Officers were dispatched to a report that two adults were in a physical altercation near Quail Run School. A child was reportedly crying nearby as the fight was in progress. It’s unknown if officers were able to make contact with the individuals.

[San Ramon] Officers investigating a domestic disturbance contacted a man with a sword in the parking lot of the DVC San Ramon parking lot. An officer got the subject, who was related to the domestic disturbance incident, to drop the sword.

[Danville] Later Thursday evening, officers were dispatched to a report that two men had shoplifted approximately four pounds of coffee beans from the Blackhawk area Starbucks. It appears the suspects are still outstanding.

[San Ramon] An hour later on Thursday, Starbucks employees reported that a possibly intoxicated subject had been locked in the bathroom for almost an hour. Officers were able to make contact with the subject.

[Danville] At five minutes before midnight Thursday evening, a Danville police officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle in the Greenbrook neighborhood. The vehicle failed to yield to the officer, and continued traveling at approximately 25-30 MPH through the neighborhood. Officers took the suspect into custody at gunpoint after pursing the suspect about a minute. It is believed he did not immediately stop for police because he had a warrant for his arrest.

Saturday April 9th

[San Ramon] At 11 pm, officers were dispatched to a report that a large group of two hundred juveniles were fighting, standing on tables and burglarizing the snack bar at The Golden Skate. Employees attempted to get the crowd under control, but were unable to until officers arrived to purge the group from the building.

[San Ramon] Later Saturday night, police received multiple reports that ten individuals were fighting on Pine Valley Road following a party at a nearby residence. One caller reported that someone was knocked out, but had gotten up within a few seconds. Officers arrived to investigate.

Sunday April 10th

[Blackhawk] Early Sunday morning, just passed midnight, Sheriffs officers were notified that an intoxicated female was laying in the middle of the street, near the Blackhawk Bank of America. The arriving officer found her nearby and determined that she was in need of immediate medical attention.

[San Ramon] On Sunday afternoon, officers were dispatched to a report of two Dalmatians running in lanes of traffic near the Whole Foods shopping center. It is unknown where the other 99 went.

[San Ramon] On Sunday evening, firefighters were dispatched to a report of smoke and flames coming from a home on Dos Rios Dr. Arriving firefighters found that there was a fire in the kitchen and that it was spreading to the attic. The blaze was under control within 10 minutes. No injuries were reported. 

[Danville] Later Sunday evening, officers were dispatched to a fight at Meenar Music Club on Hartz Avenue. The caller reported that five male and female subjects were in a physical altercation and that one female was bleeding a bruised. Arriving officers were told that an involved couple had fled in a taxi toward San Ramon. The injured female received medical attention.

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