Weekly Drama: April 2017

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week (or month), but never made news headlines.

Tuesday, April 4th

[Danville] 4:00 PM – CHP officers responded to a report of a road rage incident on I-680. A motorist reported seeing a driver throw an object at another vehicle, then both vehicles pulled over, and the other driver reportedly pulled out a bat. Officers did not locate either driver.

[San Ramon] 4:00 PM – Police were notified that a “gaggle” of geese were attempting to cross Crow Canyon Road, creating a traffic hazard.

[San Ramon] 5:00 PM – Officers responded to a report of juveniles shoplifting alcohol at Walmart. They reportedly fled toward Dublin on the Iron Horse Trail and tossed items as they fled.

Thursday, April 6th

[San Ramon] 8:00 PM – Police responded to a rollover vehicle accident on Dougherty Road, there were no injuries.

[Danville] 10:00 PM – Firefighters helped rescue 2 people trapped in an elevator at Magnolia Garden Retirement Home due to a power outage at the location.

[San Ramon Valley] 11:00 PM – Firefighters, police, PG&E & public works crews responded to more than 17 reports of fallen trees that blocked roads & knocked power lines.

Saturday, April 8th

[San Ramon] 9:00 PM – Police were dispatched to a vehicle burglary in progress on Lasso Circle. The suspect was not located.

Sunday, April 9th

[Alamo] 4:30 PM – Deputies responded to a report of suspects shoplifting multiple bottles of champagne from Safeway. Deputies located the suspects inside Taco Bell.

[San Ramon] 11:30 PM -Police were dispatched to an interrupted vehicle burglary on Harness Drive. The suspect was not located.

Wednesday, April 11th

[San Ramon] 10:00 PM – Officers arrested shoplifting suspects after they noticed a suspicious amount of nice alcohol inside a vehicle during a traffic stop.

Wednesday, April 12th

[San Ramon] 10:30 AM – Firefighters were called to rescue a construction worker who fell into a trench on Omega Road.

[Danville] 9:00 PM – Officers arrested a female subject for DUI in the Diablo Vista Middle School parking lot.

Friday, April 14th

[San Ramon] 9:00 PM – Pleasanton police arrested a subject for DUI after leading officers on a pursuit from Pleasanton into San Ramon Promontory Terrace apartments.

Saturday, April 15th

[San Ramon] 3:00 PM – Police responded to a report that a patient ran out of San Ramon Regional Medical Center E.R. with an IV still attached to her arm.

[San Ramon] 6:30 PM – Police responded to a report of an interrupted vehicle burglary in the parking lot of ClubSport.

[INFO] Danville & San Ramon Police arrested subjects for DUI after two separate traffic accidents, yielding 4 total DUI arrests in one weekend.

Wednesday, April 19th

[San Ramon] 3:30 PM -Firefighters rescued a gaggle of goslings that had fallen into a storm drain near Thorup Lane.

[San Ramon] 3:30 PM – Police were notified that a gaggle of 10-12 goslings and 2 geese were observed walking on Crow Canyon Road, creating a traffic hazard.

Thursday, April 20th

[San Ramon] 3:30 PM -Firefighters responded to a smoke alarm activation at California High School. Students were evacuated.

Friday, April 21th

[Danville] 7:00 PM – Officers responded to a report of a suspicious subject whose pants apparently fell down, displaying his backside. It’s unknown if the gesture was intentional.

[San Ramon] 10:00 PM – Police were dispatched to a report of “fire jugglers” at Neil Armstrong School.

Saturday, April 22nd

[San Ramon] 2:00 AM – Police contacted juveniles at Valero gas station who were reportedly begging for food outside the location. It was determined they were from Antioch. An SRPD officer transported them back home.

Sunday, April 23rd

[San Ramon] 11:30 AM – Police were dispatched to a report of an intoxicated subject attempting to direct traffic on San Ramon Valley Boulevard.

[San Ramon] 1:30 PM – Officers responded to a report that subjects shoplifted 15 boxes of cigarettes from the Exxon gas station, threatening to shoot the clerk as they fled, but no weapons were seen.

[Danville] 6:30 PM – Police arrested a shoplifting suspect in custody after he ran from officers near Safeway. He was captured after he asked McDonalds customers if he could borrow a cell phone after his getaway vehicle fled. An associated vehicle was also stopped by officers near I-680.

[San Ramon] 11:00 PM – Paramedics were called to aid a man who was assaulted and sustained facial injuries during an altercation in the parking lot of the Hyatt.

Monday, April 24th

[Alamo] 12:00 PM – Deputies took the occupants of a stolen vehicle into custody on South Avenue.

Tuesday, April 25th

[Danville] 8:00 PM – Officers took the occupants of a stolen vehicle into custody.

[Alamo] 4:00 PM – Deputies were dispatched to a report of a man wearing a cat mask and carrying a duffle bag walking near the Wells Fargo bank. Officers contacted him, discovered he had a warrant for his arrest, and placed him in custody.

[Danville] 9:00 PM – Officers placed shoplifting suspects into custody after they allegedly shoplifted from Safeway, then stopped for gas at a gas station located across the street.

Wednesday, April 26th

[San Ramon] 3:00 PM – Paramedics responded to aid an employee that reportedly fell off a ladder at The Home Depot.

Friday, April 28th

[Blackhawk] 5:00 PM – Paramedics and CHP responded aid the occupants of a vehicle that crashed into a tree on Blackhawk Drive. The occupants had minor injuries.

Saturday, April 29th

[Alamo] 3:00 AM – A local goatherd was called to Cole Court to corral herd of 100 goats in backyards, feasting on residents’ flowers.

[Danville] 1:00 PM – Paramedics responded to aid a bicyclist that was struck by a vehicle on the Iron Horse Trail near Greenbrook Drive.

[Danville] 2:30 PM – Paramedics responded to a solo rollover accident southbound I-680. A witness said the vehicle traveled across all lanes. Paramedics treated 2 adults and 1 baby.

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