Weekly Drama: February 2017

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week, but never made news headlines.

Friday, February 24th

[Danville] 5:30 AM – Police were called to Monte Vista High School after a citizen witnessed a group of juveniles “towing a couch” while a juvenile “skied” behind.

Friday, February 17th

[San Ramon] 12:30 AM – A dirtbike rider was arrested after he and another rider attempted to evade police on Bollinger Canyon Road. The biker in custody crashed in Dublin while attempting to turn onto the Iron Horse trail. His fellow rider was not located.

Thursday, February 16th

[Danville] 10:00 PM – Police responded to the Danville Bowl where a group of subjects refused to leave after being caught attempting to use a fake ID by employees. Police located the group.

Wednesday, February 15th

[Danville] 8:00 PM – Police were dispatched to a report of an intoxicated subject throwing chairs and attempting to fight employees inside Ascona Pizza. He was eventually located after fleeing the scene with a group of pals.

Tuesday, February 14th

[San Ramon] 8:00 PM – Officers responded to a report of a subject wearing a hat that said “dope” throwing chairs on Alcosta Blvd. The caller believed the subject was possibly on… dope (drugs).

Monday, February 13th

[Danville] 9:30 PM – Police were called to a report of juveniles holding suspicious tools in the parking lot of Safeway, possibly attempting to burglarize a vehicle. Officers discovered the group was just playing with Nerf toy guns.

Sunday, February 12th

[San Ramon] 9:00 PM – Police were called to the Golden Skate after two juveniles got into a physical altercation, then one juvenile’s parents threatened to “jump” the other’s parents outside the location.

[Mt Diablo SP] 2:30 PM – Park Rangers detained a man who ran from a solo vehicle accident in which he may have purposefully crashed his vehicle down a hill.

[Danville] 5:30 PM – Police responded to a 911 hangup call. Upon calling the number back, the caller admitted to officers he was testing his new Apple Watch when it accidentally dialed 911.

Friday, February 11th

[Danville] 3:00 PM – A man was arrested for being drunk in public and resisting arrest after he refused to pay his cab fare.

Friday, February 10th

[Danville] 10:00 PM – Officers were called to Safeway after a group of juveniles were seen stuffing steaks down their pants inside the location.

[Danville] 11:00 PM – Police were called to a report of a suspicious person banging on the doors to Lunardi’s. He was not located.

Thursday, February 9th

[San Ramon] 3:00 AM – Police responded to a report of an intoxicated female urinating in public near Sprouts.

[Danville] 4:00 PM – A resident called police reporting a suspicious person knocking on her door. Police reminded her that she had just called police prior, and the “suspicious person” was only a police officer wishing to follow-up with the resident.

Monday, February 6th

[Danville] 9:00 PM – Police responded to a report of an armed robbery at Starbucks on Crow Canyon Place. A group of four suspects walked brandished a firearm to rob a customer of his laptop.

[San Ramon] 1:00 PM – An armed suspect robbed the US Bank on Crow Canyon Road before taking a hostage for a brief period as he fled. Read more here.

Saturday, February 4th

[San Ramon] 6:30 PM – Police received a report of a band playing “too loud” in the area of California High School.

Thursday, February 2nd

[San Ramon] 12:00 PM – Police and firefighters responded to aid a SRVUSD employee who was reportedly accidentally struck by a golf cart driven by a student during a fire alarm evacuation. Read more here.

Wednesday, February 1st

[Alamo] 2:30 PM – Deputies responded to Safeway where a suspect reportedly took bottles of alcohol before fleeing in a car filled with toys and “fluffy animals.”

[San Ramon] 12:00 PM – Deputies were dispatched to a report of a resident attempting to run over a neighbor with a tractor on Bollinger Canyon Road. The caller later told deputies they didn’t need to respond.

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