Weekly Drama: January 2017 – Week One

The Weekly Drama is an overview of Police/Fire incidents (newsworthy or not) that took place in the San Ramon Valley during the week, but never made news headlines.

Tuesday, January 3rd

[Danville] 5:30 PM – Firefighters responded to a residence to rescue a cat that got stuck in a tree and was refusing to come down

Wednesday, January 4th

[San Ramon] 1:00 PM – Officers responded to a report of an attempted car theft near The Home Depot. The cars owner, along with a Walnut Creek Police Detective were reportedly chasing the suspect. Officers used a canine and a perimeter to attempt to locate the female suspect. She was taken into custody when an officer noticed someone abruptly close a side door at a residence nearby.

Saturday, January 7th

[San Ramon] 11:00 AM – Paramedics responded to a report that a tree fell on a woman at the Canyon Lakes Golf Course. Bystanders conducted CPR but the victim was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. Read here.

Sunday, January 8th

[Danville] 12:00 AM – Police and firefighters responded to a report that a vehicle crashed into a pole on Camino Tassajara. One victim sustained a leg injury.

[Danville] 6:30 AM – Firefighters responded to a report that a patrol car was on fire in the parking lot of the Danville Police Department. The officer escaped without injury. Read more.

[San Ramon] 12:00 PM – Paramedics responded to aid an intoxicated subject who was passed out in Buffalo Wild Wings.

[Danville] 9:00 PM – Officers responded to a report that a subject shoplifted a box of sandwich rolls from Safeway, then fled in a vehicle. It was later discovered the suspect did not take the sandwich rolls in question.

Monday, January 9th

[San Ramon] 7:30 PM – Police responded to wake an intoxicated subject who was passed out inside a theater at Crow Canyon Cinemas.

[Danville] 9:00 PM – Paramedics were dispatched to a report that a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on Hartz Avenue. The victim sustained minor injuries.

Tuesday, January 10th

[Danville] 10:00 AM – Paramedics were called to aid a garbage truck driver who had slipped and sustained a leg injury while getting out of the truck.

[Danville] 10:00 PM – Authorities responded to over 8 reports of flooded roadways, 6 reports of fallen trees, 14 reports of residential flooding, 3 reports of mudslides during the storm. A tree and power line fell on Camino Tassajara, a 40ft tree fell on a home in Diablo, Diablo Road closed overnight due to a mudslide, a 100ft tree fell on a home in Danville and firefighters helped pump multiple feet of water out of a home in Blackhawk.

[Danville] 11:00 PM – Officers were called to investigate a report of cows that “sounded like they were in distress,” possibly from “being stuck in the mud.”

Wednesday, January 11th

[San Ramon] 1:00 PM – Five river otters were spotted near Dougherty Valley High School.

[San Ramon] 3:30 PM – Police were dispatched to a report of a subject wrapping a small vehicle in saran wrap in a parking lot.

[San Ramon] 8:00 PM – Officers pursued a vehicle onto I-580 westbound. As CHP officers and a helicopter joined the chase, a confused and elderly driver pulled over at the Dublin city limits.  It’s unknown if there were any arrests.

Friday, January 13th

[San Ramon] 6:00 PM – Police responded to a report of a man being chased by a “buffalo” in a cow grazing area.

[San Ramon] 9:30 PM – Firefighters were dispatched to a report of a bathroom on fire at Boone Acres Park. The small building was destroyed, but police and fire authorities immediately began an arson investigation as a large group of juveniles were seen fleeing the area.

Sunday, January 15th

[San Ramon] 12:00 PM – Police responded to a report of multiple subjects in a physical altercation inside Walmart. The subjects were not located and employees were not aware of any altercation.

[Danville] 9:30 PM – Officers were called to investigate a suspicious subject that was seen placing a tree on a resident’s porch before stealing a neighbor’s pumpkin.

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